MAvTistic Glass and Stone

Fireworks somewhere in Indiana 2013 (by karaline VanDiepenbos)

Just stuff we’ve done.

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This stone came to us in the summer of 2010 two weeks before the fair, this was one of those “holy smokes” type deals. The stones surface was absolutely horrible, really no redeeming qualities about it on the surface. But closer examination revealed a true possibility. Well what were we to do? The outside of the shop was covered in large boulders ready for us to carve something into them, and we were on a deadline, do we keep the stone the way it was or do we take the liberty and do something creative.

We took the artistic liberty to reveal what mother nature was hiding from the rest of the world the stone revealed such spectacular color. Who would have thought just an ordinary boulder from a farm had such beauty locked inside.

Awesome job on the costume “Rosie The Riveter” you look just like her strong and beautiful.